Saturday, December 4, 2010

Customer Service Representative Responsibilities

A customer service representative is expected to provide excellent customer service at all times. They are to provide and process information to customers in response to questions and issues about the company’s products or services. The general responsibilities of any customer service representative are:

Customer Service Job responsibilities

  • To deal directly with customers either over the phone, electronically or face to face
  • To give consult, handle requests, resolve complaints, and respond promptly to customers
  • To perform customer verifications, process orders, forms and application
  • Transfer customers with unresolved issues and direct requests to designated resources
  • Investigate what products a customer may need and offer products that customer may potentially purchase
  • Sell and up sell products and services
  • Master all products, services and offers the company has and explain each one as requested by a customer
  • Keep track and record customer transactions and interactions
  • Manage customer files and accounts

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