Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Job Responsibility of a Retail Store Manager

In a retail store, we come across different types of products and services. All these goods and services are handled by a retail store manager. A retail store manager has various roles and responsibilities depending upon the size of the store and the items that are available in the store. To know more about the job responsibilities of a retail store manager, just read on!

The primary responsibility of a retail store manager job description is to handle and supervise the everyday activities and processes that are carried out in the store and perform book keeping activities. He or she is responsible for managing the inventory of goods as well as the salespersons, overall sales, and the goods that are on display. Apart from product management, a retail store manager is also responsible for handling the customers and ensuring that they are served well, taking adequate care of the interests of the members in the sales team, and increasing the volume of sales. He or she is also responsible for motivating the people working under him or her in the store and establishing a strong teamwork among them. A retail store manager is also responsible for planning a good layout and design so as to attract more and more customers to the store and also for controlling as well as monitoring cash.

Job Responsibilities of a Project Manager

Are you planning to join a company as a project manager? Then you must be definitely anxious to know what are the primary duties and job responsibilities of a project manager, isn’t it? If so, then you have just arrived at the right place! With the passage of time, the duties and responsibilities of project managers have increased in leaps and bounds. To know more, just read on!

The primary duty of a project manager is to supervise a particular project or different projects and ensure that project deadlines are met. It is the duty of a project manager to handle effectively the project start and end dates, the overall budget of the project, and so on. A project manager job description should be able to motivate the employees working under him and should be able to resolve employee conflicts. Moreover, he has to monitor the performance of the employees and evaluate their performance. He should also have excellent written and oral communication skill since he has to attend business meetings, seminars, conferences, and also communicate with the clients.

These are some of the primary duties and responsibilities of a project manager. However, the overall duties and responsibilities of a project manager may vary from one organization to another.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Insurance Actuary Responsibilities

Actuaries are people in the insurance industry who mathematically calculate the risk of losses in insurance companies and work to mitigate the impact. They are professionals who passed a series of tests to get certified and obtain a license to practice their profession. Included in their responsibilities are:

  • Ratemaking. This is the process of computing for frequency and size of potential losses of security holders that will gain money for the company for future profit.
  • Reserving. This is the process of mathematically determining the amount of money on hand that the insurance company must have to sustain its expenses for future claims.
  • Regulating Insurance. Regulation departments in insurance companies are supervised by actuaries. They are the ones who review the proposed rated and reserves to make sure they are reasonable values.
  • Risk Management. Actuaries work to decrease the downside to gain more profit. Risk management actuaries are more concerned with the company’s solvency.
  • Resume Templates
Insurance job responsibilities

Financial Planner Responsibilities

Financial planners provide advice and information to individuals or companies about financial matters that will help them go about financial decisions and choices. Some of the responsibilities of a financial planner include:

  • Meeting up with clients to fully understand the financial situation and to gather initial information such as assets, liabilities, income, insurance coverage and other information that all touches the financial aspect
  • Maximizing tax deductions and tax planning, and even estate planning,  to reduce year-end liabilities
  • Coming up with reasonable plans and suggestions to the client to help them reach their financial goals or resolve their financial issues
  • Regularly meeting up with clients to update and to monitor if all actions are being implemented as planned
  • Adjusting plans and actions depending on situations such as having kids, getting married, disability, inheritance and other financial concerns that will affect the financial status of a client
Finance Job Responsibilities

Tutor Responsibilities

A tutor’s main job is to help students understand various academic subjects. They must be patient, understanding and enthusiastic to be able to motivate students in studying harder. Aside from the basic teaching, tutors have other responsibilities that they have to perform as well to become effective educators.

Education job responsibilities

  • The main responsibility of tutors is to assist students academically in whatever subject they are seeking progress. They should get to know the student and assess the student’s learning style to personalize the sessions that they are going to have. They help the student understand certain topics through thorough and simplified explanation and examples.
  • Tutors must also evaluate the performance and take note of the improvements of the student. They administer proper assessment methods to gauge the learning.
  • They motivate the students with positive reinforcement and boost their confidence.
  • Tutors also develop study skills and good study habits tailored to specific students.

Personal Banker Responsibilities

A personal banker has a lot of responsibilities therefore they must have intensive product knowledge and understanding of the bank processes. Below are the responsibilities of personal bankers.

banking job responsibilities

  • Opening and closing accounts are arranged and processed by a personal banker. Part of this responsibility is to properly inform clients of the benefits, terms and conditions of accounts that they are interested in opening. The potential consequences of closing accounts are also fully disclosed to clients.
  • A personal banker calls clients to discuss existing bank accounts or bank accounts that the clients are planning to open. Bankers are also expected to meet up personally with clients in their homes or in a private place to discuss an account.
  • Processing a client’s portfolio and ensuring all required information are gathered are also a personal banker’s responsibility. He or she monitors returns, papers and investments regarding the client’s bank account.

Customer Service Representative Responsibilities

A customer service representative is expected to provide excellent customer service at all times. They are to provide and process information to customers in response to questions and issues about the company’s products or services. The general responsibilities of any customer service representative are:

Customer Service Job responsibilities

  • To deal directly with customers either over the phone, electronically or face to face
  • To give consult, handle requests, resolve complaints, and respond promptly to customers
  • To perform customer verifications, process orders, forms and application
  • Transfer customers with unresolved issues and direct requests to designated resources
  • Investigate what products a customer may need and offer products that customer may potentially purchase
  • Sell and up sell products and services
  • Master all products, services and offers the company has and explain each one as requested by a customer
  • Keep track and record customer transactions and interactions
  • Manage customer files and accounts